How to Get Involved

This is our 'Get Involved" page, which supplies links to our various wish lists, where we have selected materials we are in need of, and would greatly appreciate if anyone could help us attain such items. While our first two sections have links to wish lists, the third is a link to our Donor's Choose site. At the bottom of the page is our information regarding potential sponsorships.

VEX Robotics Wish List

Click the image on the left to receive access to our VEX Robotics Wish List.

Donor's Choose Workbench


We are very accepting of any types of donations we receive, and we are also very appreciative of working with any businesses to further the development of our robotics program. If sponsored, our team would work to give increased exposure to sponsoring businesses through various means, from putting business's logos & names on our bots, banners, etc. The aforementioned places we would showcase our sponsorships would be shown at local events our team participates in, as well as global events.