factory automation

factory automation classroom 2021-22 highlights


This course provides high-quality instructional materials, professional development, and the VEX Knowledge Base to give students everything they need to become a STEM leader. STEM Labs foster engagement within the classroom, providing a complete STEM experience, ensuring workforce development and college preparedness.

Lab 1: Industrial Robotics

Lab 2: Safety

Lab 3: Manual Robot Arm Movements

Lab 4: Programming Arm Movements

Lab 5: Using Variables

Lab 6: Using an End Effector

Lab 7: Dropping Off Objects

Lab 8: Transporting Objects

Lab 9: Using a Conveyor System

Lab 10: Conveyor Systems and Sensors

Lab 11: Cooperative Systems

Lab 12: Classroom Competition

For more information, check out the course on the Vex Robotics website HERE.