High Maintenance is a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team from Pinecrest Academy Sloan Canyon located in Henderson, Nevada. Our goals for this past season were to build a solid foundation in engineering and software design principles as we began our FTC journey. This strategy enabled us to succeed as we built our knowledge, resources, and tools over our Rookie year and into the future. We were able to win the sought-after Inspire award and tournament finalist at the regional championship. Later at the Nevada State championship, we were awarded the Control Award and Second Runner-Up for the Inspire Award

Welcome to OUr new team

Say hello to our new team and our new Assistant Coach Mr. Curry!

2023-2024 season


We are excited for the brand new season of FIRST TECH CHALLENGE! We are actively recruiting new team members and an assistant parent coach.

FIRST® Tech Challenge (ages 12-18) encourages teams to design, build, program, and engage in thrilling robotics competitions. Guided by adult coaches and mentors, students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, while realizing the value of innovation and teamwork. The reusable robot kit can be coded using a variety of programming languages. With Gracious Professionalism®, students are encouraged to create team identities and be an ambassador for FIRST and STEM in their communities.

This season's theme is CENTERSTAGE℠ presented by Raytheon Technologies challenge, and it is debuting September 9, 2023. 

Watch the exciting promo video HERE.

Engineering Notebook:

21517 Engineering Notebook

Engineering Portfolio:

Engineering Portfolio (10 pages) (7).pdf

Sponsorship Packet:

Thank you from SCR (2).pdf

2022-23 Season Highlights