High Maintenance is a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team from Pinecrest Academy Sloan Canyon located in Henderson, Nevada. Currently, the team is made up of 9 students - ranging from 7th to 9th grade.

This is our first year competing as a FIRST Tech Challenge Team. Most of our teammates used to compete on the Nevada state champion First LEGO League team, The Brickbeards, and have now aged out of FLL. They are ready and eager to work with bigger, more advanced robotics systems.

From the start of the season, we were very excited for this year’s challenge, Power Play, and couldn't wait to see where the remainder of the season takes us! Since the beginning of the season, we have enjoyed applying what we learn to our robot design. We have completed many outreach events, As a team, we strive to embody FIRST and expand the program in our community and throughout the country. Through our outreach events, we hope to inspire others to start their own team or participate with FIRST.

Our goals for this past season were to build a solid foundation in engineering and software design principles as we began our FTC journey. This strategy enabled us to succeed as we built our knowledge, resources, and tools over our Rookie year and into the future. We were able to win the sought-after Inspire award and tournament finalist at the regional championship. Later at the Nevada State championship, we were awarded the control award and second runner-up for the inspire award. 

Engineering Notebook:

21517 Engineering Notebook

Engineering Portfolio:

Engineering Portfolio (10 pages) (7).pdf

Sponsorship Packet:

Thank you from SCR (2).pdf

2022-23 Season Highlights