2023 Outreach

2022 Elementary Outreach

2022 VRC Competition @ Sloan 

2022 Winter Light Show 

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2022 VIQC Competition @ Sloan

2022 Fall Festival Booth

2022 Girl Power

2022 Robotics Summer Camp

2021 Girl Powered Workshop

2020 Girl Powered Workshop

This year , on October 24, we hosted a VIRTUAL workshop which included a TinkerCAD activity, a VEXCode activity, a Girl Powered pledge, and keynote speakers like the Astronaut Sunita Williams and the CEO and a book author Shannon Wilkinson! We had 250 guests in attendance from United States, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico and Germany!

Our guests' interviews were so inspirational, we just had to share them. 

Take a look below!

        We took the Girl Powered Pledge! Will you?
During  the Girl Powered event Emma and Xalia taught the Vex Code VR workshop where they showed how to code the Girl Powered logo using block and text programming. 
Deonna taught the CAD workshop where she showed how to design and 3-D print a Girl Powered charm using TinkerCAD software.

2020 Pandemic Outreach

When the pandemic started and schools shut down, we found ourselves sitting at home, watching the world going through a really hard time and we wanted to help in any way we could. We have found out that there was a big need, not just for PPE, but also for 3D printed ear-savers. Two of our middle students, Deonna and Dylan, who were skillful in TinkerCAD and had access to 3D printers at home, have teamed up efforts to help the community. Together, they custom designed and 3D printed hundreds of ear-savers for local businesses, organizations and hospitals, like the UMS Medical Center. 

2019 Girl Powered Workshop

On October 25, 2019 we hosted a Girl Powered Workshop. This Girl Powered Workshop was organized to engage and inform young women about STEM and robotics!

The 2019 workshop turn out was amazing and we think the girls had a lot of fun. Huge thanks to everyone who helped us make this possible: Shannon Wilkinson and Diana Cowern for making guest appearances and Krispy Kreme and Tego Cyber Inc for providing treats and snacks at our event. Also huge thanks to Colleen Chalmers with giggleboxphoto for the pictures of the event!

2019 Fall Festival booth 

We hosted a Spin To Win booth at the Fall Festival to help raise money for our school. We designed and programmed a spinner using Vex IQ pieces. Prior to the event, we hosted a toy drive and had plush toys donated to us for our prizes. The booth was a huge hit!

 2019 Elementary Outreach

In December of 2019, some of our team members took Clawbots over to the elementary school. Elementary school students LOVED the lessons we taught!!! During our visit students got to drive the Clawbots and when we drove, they all wanted a robot "handshake". Although this does not seem like a big deal, we truly made their day when we came. These mini lessons taught them the possibilities of what they could build on a robotics team.

We were planning to do a lot more of these activities this year, but so far we haven't been able to due to the pandemic. We can't wait to get back into the classrooms and do more fun events like that!